The CRAZEDpilot CP-ITE1 is an entry into the in-ear aviation headset by the discount headset manufacturer CRAZEDpilot. This headset bears an uncanny resemblence to the Faro Air – we’re not clear if this is a direct rip off or some sort of Chinese export. Either way, if you are in the market for an in-ear headset and don’t have a lot of money, the CP-ITE1 is a top choice.

CRAZEDpilot CP-ITE1 Features

The CP-ITE1 has a generic controller box just like the Faro Air.

The CP-ITE1 is a fairly feature-rich headset, missing only Bluetooth from the standard headset feature checklist. Here are a few notable features:

  • Price (Mid-2017): Out of stock
  • Battery-less control pod with adjustable volume.
  • Aux input (also works without a battery).
  • Stereo/mono mode support.
  • Lapel clip.
  • Removable eartips.
  • Support for multiple plug types: twin-GA (PJ) plugs.

CRAZEDpilot CP-ITE1 Review

When shopping for an in-ear aviation headset, you only really have a few options. All of the headsets in this category are very similar to each other, but each fills a certain niche. For example, the only TSO-certified headset is the Clarity Aloft. If you want to use one of these in-ear aviation headsets for professional flying, you will need to use a Clarity Aloft “pro” or “pro plus”.

The CP-ITE1 headset excels is a very well-rounded headset at a phenominal price. As mentioned earlier, it is a direct clone of the Faro Air. Like the Faro Air, it offers independent ear volume control which is unique among other in-ear headsets. Unlike the Faro-Air, only twin-GA (PJ) plugs are supported.

The CP-ITE1 comes with a nice carrying case that is very flat.

As with the Faro, we believe this headset is not as ergonomic as it’s competitors due to its low adjust ability and bulky plastic attachment point for the microphone boom. The CP-ITE uses flexible rubber eartips like those found on most in-ear headphones. These don’t do a great job of blocking noise and we prefer the foam eartips sold with the Faro Air or the Clarity Aloft. Luckily you can easily buy replacement for eartips for these other headsets and use them with the CP-ITE1.


If you like all the advantages of in-ear headsets and are looking for an incredible price, the CP-ITE1 is definitely worth a look. Just remember that at these prices you shouldn’t expect niceties like customer service or a warranty. For those – look at the Faro Air. For more premium features like Bluetooth or increased comfort, you may want to consider other in-ear headset models. However, it is pretty difficult to beat the value proposition of this headset.



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