About Us

Cleared to Hear is a site run by a group of aviation enthusiasts with the goal in helping the world out with personal aviation devices like headsets, tablets, portable radios and portable ADS-B receivers. We hope you find our site’s content helpful!

Our Editors:

James B.

James has been a long-time aviation enthusiast and a GA pilot of 5 years. He holds a private pilot, instrument and glider ratings. Professionally, he is a software engineer working for Garmin. He is a lover of all types of electronic gadgets and hopes to share his knowledge from working and playing in the tech industry through this website.

About Our Reviews

You may have noticed that we have two types of reviews on this site:

At a Glance Reviews

In these reviews, we generally take a look at a product in a static display settings. We comment on the look and feel of the product and how it feels to wear, but in most cases we do not actually go out and fly with it. For some models, we bring in the experience we gather from fellow pilots in the community to finish up the review. It is our goal to slowly convert all of these reviews over to “long-term reviews” as we find time.

Long-term Reviews

In our long-term reviews, we use the headset for 20+ hours of flight time to see how really living with it is like as a pilot. These reviews are long-form and will generally give a much better picture of what we think about the headset in question. As you might suspect, putting these together takes a lot of time and money. We appreciate your patience while we work at it!

Affiliate / Advertising Disclaimer

Cleared to Hear eschews traditional site advertising in favor of affiliate marketing. In this advertising model, we post links to websites where we have purchased products that we are reviewing. If you decide to purchase that product we are paid a small commission for linking you to the vendor. This advertising model does not cost you anything and allows us to provide a very coherent and relevant site experience. Not every link is an affiliate link, but some may be.

Contact Us

We welcome business opportunities in the aviation marketplace including advertising and review requests. Please contact us at business@clearedtohear.com with any such opportunities.